1. Are you personally a member of professional organizations/unions/associations in management?
(1) The association should unite professionals in your areas of expertise (management), (2) require high achievement to join, and (3) eligibility for membership should be evaluated by recognized experts in your professional field in management.
Are there any publications about you in the local or international media by professional journalists who have asked you for an expert opinion on your professional field of management or interviewed you?
Such publications should (1) talk about you, (2) discuss the merits of your work, your high status in the professional community, and the significant impact your work has had on the professional field as a whole. (3) Publications should be published in major, reputable media.
Do you have evidence of authorship or co-authorship of scholarly articles in professional or major trade publications or other major media in management?
Papers should be (1) on your authorship or co-authorship, (2) scholarly, and (3) published in reputable professional journals that peer-review published materials.
Have you performed any evaluating or judging the work of others, either individually or on a panel in management?
Evidence that (1) you participated, either individually or on a panel, as a judge, and (2) evaluated the work of others in the same or related areas of expertise in which you are an expert.
5. Do you personally have any nationally or internationally recognized prizes or awards for excellence in your area of expertise?
Awards must indicate that (1) you personally (not as part of a team) are the beneficiary of the prize or award, (2) the prize or award is relevant to your area of expertise, (3) the prize or award is nationally or internationally recognized, and (4) the award is given for significant achievement in your area of expertise.
Have you performed a leading or critical role in distinguished organizations with a strong international reputation?
There is evidence (1) that you have worked for an organization or institution, (2) that your role was leading or critical, and (3) the institution has an outstanding reputation in your professional field.
Have you received a significantly higher salary or other significantly high remuneration for your professional responsibilities in relation to others in the field in your area of residence?
There is evidence (1) that you personally received a salary (not a company or individual entrepreneur), (2) that the annual salary was 3-4 times higher than the annual income of your colleagues in your area of residence.
Do you have evidence of original contributions of major significance to the management field?
Evidence that (1) your significant contribution relates to your professional field - business, (2) that the contribution is original (you are its author), and (3) that your contribution was of great importance to the industry.
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